Meet the Organizers

This project came about after a conversation between two veteran organizers, Laura Velkei & Marta Evry.  They decided to give a voice those impacted by the budget cuts. Too often our elected officials “forget” whose lives they effect as they cut line items from a budget. “Why we’re just saving taxpayer dollars” they say.  But there are real people that are barely surviving stricken with ailments or simply age.  Nori is just one of the hundreds of thousands of American Citizens forgotten by their government.

We’d like to thank all of the Organizers who participated in the video and the Courage Campaign, particularly Robert Cruickshank, Eden James & Rick Jacobs for helping us distribute this video far and wide.

As Marshall Ganz says, sometimes David CAN beat Goliath.  Help us defeat the Goliath of corporate interests over that of working families. Be the Change.

Laura & Marta




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